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Easy Nutrition

We all know the nutrition is an important part of our overall health & wellbeing.  However, when ‘nutrition’ is often discussed, suddenly the conversation quickly turns to diets, latest fads, super foods, calorie counting, shakes/pills, juice cleanses, deprivation or eliminating food groups. Sound exciting? Umm, no thanks Here are some key signs that you are taking the wrong approach to what you eat You are hungry You are eliminating whole food groups Your brain starts switching off You are obsessed with food You categorize food as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘cheat days’ or ‘earning your food’ You don’t have the will power to stick to a diet I am going to let you in on a little secret.  You can easily improve the nutritional value of your food by changing nothing to your current diet AND ADDING MORE! What? Over the next week I don’t want you to change anything about your current diet.  You don’t need to

‘Natural’ Induction that will make you blush

It’s no secret that my body likes to cook babies a little extra longer than the average female.  I was kinda prepared for it with all babies as my family typically goes a little longer, but did secretly cross my fingers that each time would be different. Going past dates can be a crazy emotional journey.  First you have the anticlimax and disappointment that the baby didn’t come, then comes the very emotional tears & the ‘why has my body failed me’ (these can last for a couple days), then comes the nothingness and surrendering to the fact that you are going to be pregnant forever.  It’s quite a numb feeling.  I mean, I was so pregnant, couldn’t get any more pregnant than me, but it was almost like I was no longer pregnant because this was just how I was going to be this way forever. First baby was 13 days past his due

The truth behind my ‘Perfect’ body

Many of you know that I use to compete in body building.  I had a pretty amazing body.  I had the 6 pack, great arms and got compliments all the time.  I distinctly remember a few times women saying to me, I wish I had arms/abs etc you.  I would say in my head… you don’t want put yourself through what I am doing just for this.  In fact I would say most people are not prepared to do mentally do this to themselves.  I lived off egg whites, chicken and broccoli (not much else at all!).  I would exercise up to 4 hours a day.  I looked pretty amazing (especially with my 7 layers of fake tan)… BUT the truth was I was miserable.   I was constantly consumed with thoughts of food.  Literally obsessed with it and dreamed about everything that I would eat after the competition.  I have had a full grocery

Nurtition kept simple for Mums

Nutrition can be really simple but many people get confused or overwhelmed with lots of conflicting information, diets & shakes available.   I was really lucky to spend some time with Natalie Thompson APD to pick her brain about what Pre & Postnatal Mums really need to know about nutrition.  She is a No-Diet Deititian and I love her approach & philosophy to nutrition. CLICK HERE to check out Natalie's website   Check out the video below for our full interview!   Here are the basic’s of my approach to nutrition: Mindful eating – start listening to your body, it is actually talking to you all the time.  Busy Mum’s can find it easy to tune out of their own bodies as they are so focused on caring for their children’s needs.  But before you eat, start by asking yourself… What do I feel like? Am I hungry, thirst, bored, tired?   Intuitive eating – trust

Lose the Preoccupation with Losing the ‘Baby Weight’

You (and your partner) created a new life. You watched your body change in 9 months, like you were watching a movie on fast forward. It should have been a magical time. It should have been a time to soak it all up and embrace your changing body. Yet, you felt like you should not put on too much weight. You felt like you should eat ‘this’ and not ‘that’. You felt quite confused and anxious about whether you were feeding your body and growing fetus the ‘right’ food. Mothers’ guilt set in pretty fast and your baby wasn’t even born. The pre and post-natal time is a confusing time for many mums. Being a mother is a confusing time. I think this confusion is unfortunately the new norm.   Please stop. Take a big deep breath. Take a couple more. Get yourself something to drink. Sit down and read the rest of this post.

Practical Parenting through Back Pain

Have you ever been told not to use a babycarrier? I have had a handful of mums who have been told by health professionals not to use baby carriers.  Normally because they are experiencing bad back problems, pelvic floor or other kinds of health issues – which all sucks right!  You need to follow the advice or your health care provider (or seek a second opinion if this doesn’t feel right to you), but this frustrates internal motherly instincts because how do you ‘parent’ when you can’t hold your baby?  We certainly don't want back pain, pelvic floor weakness or abdominal separation to stop us from enjoying all the goofy & awkward parts of motherhood   Instead of taking a blanket ‘no babywearing’ or ‘no holding your baby' approach, try to work with them to find some better strategies that will enable you to parent & care for your body at the same time.  It

Is barefoot best?

Have you heard about the ‘bare foot movement’? I know I had many years before I actually dipped my toe (mostly by accident) into actually practicing this on a daily basis.  I do love how everything eventually goes back to basics!   We mostly wear shoes to protect our feet, but there is a lot of information that now supports going bare foot or having minimal foot wear.  Why? Because when we wear shoes that alter the shape of our feet this alters the our ‘gait’… the way we walk.  When we alter the way we walk, we start using different muscles, not using the correct muscles, which can lead to muscle & posture imbalances.   Now shoes that ‘alter the shape of our feet’ can really be anything for high tech sports shoes to narrow stilettos! The ideal shoe is really one that allows your foot to take its natural shape, protects your foot

The Best Time of Day to Exercise

Evidence shows that working out, first thing in the morning, before you have had breakfast can actually increase your metabolism across the day.  So does this mean it is the best time to workout?  Short answer is – well if that works for you, do it! But if you are not a morning person, still breastfeeding a very hungry baby or your morning drill is already crazy enough, then this will cause you more stress.  So simply, just do it when it actually works best for you. We are all about taking action! Imperfect Action (become motherhood is imperfect) & keeping our house hold happy.   BUT there is a trick to it, when you become a Mum!   Many of my clients say they try to workout in the morning, or even mid morning.  But then something comes up, so it gets ‘bumped’ until a little later.  Then baby is down for a sleep and

The Family Fitness Formula

Many of us try to go to our old methods of fitness that worked a dream before we were mothers.  Life was pretty great… we could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.  Now we have some tiny little humans, money constraints and general life craziness that dictates otherwise.  So how do we successfully include fitness into our life when we are parents?   The answer is not exactly the same for everyone, but if you go through these basic check lists, you will be able to a create a mould a great little plan around how YOUR family.  No one knows your family better than you do, so let’s take the lead.   Mind set adjustment First of all I want you to forget that old things that use to work and aren’t working now.  There is no use banging your head against a brick wall, hoping this would work and feeling like a

Stay Motivated ALL week long

Hello February!! And just like that that new year is gone and we should be back in full swing.  I do love starting each year fresh, establishing a new routine, finding what works for our family now an giving myself a few small goals to work towards. But I totally get how quickly we can loose momentum or just stall finding that right routine/rhythm that works for your life.  Maybe you are even all excited and pumped on a Monday, but come Friday your path has taken a hook turn left. How do you continue to stay focused or motivated towards your health and fitness goals… ALL week long? So here are my top tips that keep my energized the week through.   Plan a fun session with friends later in the week Its always harder to bail on workout when you have other people committed and waiting for you.  Thursday or Friday are the