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How to Eat, Drink & be Merry this Christmas… without the New Year regret

Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year.  Even if you are a bit of Grinch, you will probably have your routine go a bit out of whack, food spectacular and then somehow end up at New Years day full of resolutions to ‘improve your health’, or freak out that you put on 5 kg in 2 weeks. Is it possible to enjoy the festive season without obsessing about food, stay healthy but actually enjoy a bit chocolate? YES Here are my 5 top tips for surviving the festive season without the New Years Day remorse   Mindful Eating The biggest problem during the holiday season generally isn’t the lack of exercise, but the crazy volumes of food that we inhale.  There is so much ‘mindless’ eating, just eating it because it is there, or to be polite (great Aunt Thelma made her special pudding) and we eat and eat and eat…. probably

Staying motivated over the weekend

Do you ever start the week off with a hiss and a bang.  Moving & exercising a lot, making great nutritious food choices… then either a mid week hump hits or a big weekend of social events is on the calendar? We can fall into a trap of, well I have ‘earned’ it and undo everything you worked so hard for.  Or you treat yourself on Friday...and Saturday... and Sunday for almost every meal and move very little?  Somehow you just ended up binge eating for 3 days straight!?   How exactly do you stay on track at the end of the week? I chat to my private clients all the time about ‘resetting’ on a Sunday (or whenever their end of week happens to be).  Before the week starts just taking 10mins to plan your week.  This includes what you have on, all your normal activities plus any out of the ordinary appointments, any of

Move Past the Lack of Motivation Funk

Do you ever get stuck in some weird funk where you have ZERO motivation to move or do a workout? Yip it happens to everyone, including the fitness professionals! I got a big smack in the face with it this week.  You are literally sitting there going, I really should do something right now but I just don’t want to! How do you move through this? Let me break it down for you so you can grab a couple tools for next time the ‘funk’ hits   Let’s first take a moment to recognised the difference between ‘EXHAUSTED’ & feeling ‘BLAH’.  The women I work with are all Mums and we are all operating off some level of exhaustion.  Most of the time when exhaustion really hits, you actually need to REST.  Chances are you are being way too hard on yourself and your expectations might be slightly out of whack.   So if you

Is sugar actually evil?

We hear all sorts about what we should and shouldn’t be putting in our bodies… including going sugar free.   So what is sugar.  Well it is actually the basic form that makes up carbohydrates.  It comes in a few different forms & vegetables are carbohydrates.  Are vegetables evil? Of course not.  They are amazing for our body and full of essential vitamins and minerals that actually make our bodies function.   Carbohydrates are an essential part of your diet.  We need them for brain, muscle, kidney, heart function and so much more.  They are a fantastic food source because they are easily metabolised which means our body can use it straight away.   Have you ever been like me, and you brain stops working, you can’t think and you know you need a sugar boost to start thinking again.  Well this is when carbs come into play.   Now, not all carbohydrates are nutritional

Why you should change the way your exercise

I hear people say all the time ‘I don’t know what I did before I had kids’.  Well I remember.  I did whatever I wanted at a leisurely pace.  Is this pace or rhythm of life better or worse than before? Depends who you ask, but either way this is the reality of our lifestyle now. If you have changed your lifestyle (ie had a baby), doesn’t it make sense to change the way your workout too? If you are getting frustrated because you used to be a fit active person, and you are trying all the same methods that use to work for you and they are just not happening… Or maybe you are trying to force the old lifestyle and its just not quite flowing, then read on. Here is what worked for me Pre-motherhood and why it doesn’t work now: Early 6am workout before work Doesn’t work now because someone needs to

How to exercise with your kids

If the thought of exercising with yours kids freaks you out a little and you know your patience wont last, then read on! People ask me all the time how I exercise with my two children in tow.  The truth is, there is no one right formula.  I modify it depending on their age, mood and what exactly is working in our life right now. My children are 1 & 3 (well he is very nearly 4!).  In this blog I am going to outline one great workout that we are doing regularly right now.  It is a lot of fun and you can easily adapt it to workout with your circumstances.   Rule 1:  There are no rules.  You must have fun and go with the flow.  We are working with babies and toddlers here, so expect the workout to go a little sideways and be creative. Choose your weapon: Know one knows you

The Quick Fix Glitch

Isn’t it interesting how our lives and cultures have changed to want everything to happen quickly?  We have such busy lives, bounding form one commitment to the next that we don’t seem to have time to do anything.  It doesn’t quite seem right… I saw a cooking show the other week and a Chef was also saying that she gets asked all the time ‘how do I make an amazing meal quickly?’ Her answer was, well you can make any meal quickly, but to make a truly delicious masterpiece, it needs time for preparation and depth of flavour. Here is my problem with the ‘quick & easy’ fix to your health Quick and easy food You can buy these awesome pre-made or pre-packed food that you can grab on the run.  Unless it is natures perfectly packaged banana, the problem with these types of convenience foods is that they have a HEAP of other additives,

How Saving the Planet Improves Your Health

Did you know this month (July 2016) is Plastic Free July? Ok great, your thinking, but what does that have to do with my health or fitness? Well pretty much everything! I recently went to a viewing of the documentary ‘Bag it’ on June 30th to prepare for Plastic Free July.  It was such a great eye opener. I have totally become a more conscious and socially responsibly person since becoming a parent (about time my family says) – I want to make sure that I give my kids the best and leave them with the best. It become very obvious, very quickly how simply reducing the amount of plastic in my lifestyle would change my health.  I am not even talking about the chemicals in plastic that may or may not leach into our food or bodies.   By making specific shopping choice to reduce plastic – IE plastic shopping bags, anything that comes

Super Core

We all want a strong core right! Normally after birth we experience some weakness due to your body stretching and changing to accommodate your growing baby. I work along side Women’s Health Physiotherapists and recently hosted a ‘Super Core’ session with the same Physio I visited after the birth of my first child.  So if you couldn’t make our Super Core Class (or perhaps you live no where near Cairns), I have put together a summary of the key points you need to help you safely rebuild a strong core.   The low down on Abdominal Separation or ‘Diastasis’ Most new Mums have no idea what this is or if they have a diastasis after their pregnancy.  It is when the facia tissue, between your rectus abdominals (the 6 pack ones) thins and stretches, causing a gap down the middle of your tummy.  It is very common.  Everyone to Elite athletes to Couch Potatoes can

Tired, Stressed & Exercising Less?

Stress is a normal part of human life.  We thrive and grow under a certain balance of stress but you are probably aware that Motherhood can throw the balance into over drive.  I don’t have to tell you that stress WILL take its toll emotionally & physically   When you get stressed do you start to take less care of yourself?  Does exercise go by the way side and bottom of the priority list? Do you start to eat poorly? Do you get moody & emotional?   When it comes to exercise, most people under exercise when stress takes control but there is also the extreme of people who overexercise when they are stressed (being a time poor Mum, I am assuming most of you are not the later!)   You know the benefits of exercise right? Improved energy, endorphin boost & clear headed.  So why is it, when we are stressed we do less