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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions
How old does my baby need to be before I can start exercising?

We recommend all women get the ‘all-clear’ from their health care provider prior to starting a postnatal fitness program.  You can usually discuss this around at your 6 week check up.  Everyone will recover at different rates, but we do have a minimum 6 week wait post vaginal birth and 10 weeks post c-section.  There is no need to rush back, so if you feel you need a little more time to help with your recovery, you can join us as soon as you are ready.

If the term has started and your baby hasn’t quite met the minimum period, just pop us a message and we will try to book you in an available session

When can I exercise during pregnancy?

We recommend all clients get the ‘all-clear’ from their health care provider prior to starting a pregnancy exercise program.  In some high-risk usual circumstance, you may be required to provide a medical certificate to start our programs.  Thankfully, most of the time, exercise is highly recommended for women.  You can usually exercise right up until birth (even if you go post due dates), however we can’t take on new clients who have not been exercising with us prior to 30 weeks.  So if you join us before 30 weeks, you can exercise all the way through.

Where are you located?

We operate out of Turning Pointe Dance Studio – 240 Hartley St, Bungalow. Look for the big purple ballet building and follow the happy mums inside.  There is plenty of off street and curb side parking.  Please arrive no later than 15mins early for your first session so we can brief you, set you up and start the class on time.

What if my baby gets ups? I am so worried about how they will cope in a class setting!

Every single client is very nervous the first time they come.  What if my baby cries, what if they do a nasty poo explosion 😉 You can rest assure that you have the best possible audience of nurturing women around you who understand and amazing trainers who are there to support you.  We have been doing this a long time and know lots of little tricks to put you both at ease.  Everyone is so worried about their own baby, it doesn’t stress them when someone else might be a bit cranky.  But we guarantee you love your first session.  For those who are using carriers, more often than not, they will fall asleep during class (even if they previously have hated the carrier) as the smooth moves and music helps them rest.  And if they are happy playing, that is totally fine too.  We very much pride ourselves on being family friendly and nothing much surprises us.  Please refer back to our client testimonials for further proof and don’t take our word for it.

What I bring my toddler or older children to class?

Yes, we have lots of growing families in our community.  Toddlers and pre-schoolers are always welcome at our sessions if you don’t have other child care arrangements.  We have designated play areas or toys for them to play safely within the studio, under mums watchful eye.  You are always encouraged to bring along some toys or entertainment to keep them occupied.  Chances are they will find another little class buddy to play with too.  You can bring snacks for them to enjoy before/after class, but food is not allowed on the studio floor.  We typically set up families with toddlers to the side or back of class so they don’t become a tripping hazard for other participants.

What should I bring?

Just your usual nappy bag for baby.  Many of our participants choose to exercise bare foot, but if you are not used to being bare foot, we encourage you to wear appropriate clean sports shoes.  During covid restrictions, we also require participants to bring their own yoga mat.  Don’t forget a full water bottle, because you are about to get pretty sweaty with our mood & metabolism boosting sessions

Can I feed my baby at the studio?

Yes you can breast and bottle feed inside the studio.  Even if you need to stop mid-class for a top-up, you are very encouraged to stay.  We normally suggest you feed them just before class so they are a little fuller and you don’t need to stop during your session.

What if I can’t make a session, I am sick or travelling?

We have a fancy little app that allows you to cancel a class, with a minimum of 2 hours notice, so that you can get a credit to book in a make-up class for any class within the current term.  Make up classes must be booked within the current term and not carried over.  PLUS we have 2 live online sessions to workout from home (with full instructor guidance) AND recorded workouts for anytime access, so you can workout all day every day if you please.

What type of carriers can I use in class or what if I don’t have one?

We love all babywearing, but due to insurance requirements, there are guideline that each carriers must meet.  They must be both safe for exercise and supportive.  Our instructor can access your carrier for suitability.  But don’t panic, if you don’t have one we have plenty of spare carriers you can use for FREE during any of our sessions.

Are these classes just for Mums and Bubs? Are they just really easy?

No, our classes are suitable for all Mums, no matter what phase you are at.  Often our Mum’s enjoy coming ‘baby-free’ for a more intense workout.  Plus each exercise is scalable, so we can quickly progress you or ease up any of the options to keep you moving happily.  But all classes do have serious mood & metabolism boosting side affects.


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