Registration Terms & Conditions


Thank you for choosing Nurtured Fitness.  We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your fitness goals with your family.  Please read through the important information below regarding your participation in the program.


Throughout this document, there are some words which have the following particular meanings:

Children means the children named in these Terms and Conditions.

Class/es means the group fitness classes facilitated by Nurtured Fitness as part of the Nurtured Fitness Program, including but not limited to:

  1. B.A.M – Bubs & Mums fitness;
  2. Family Circuit;
  3. Pilates;
  4. Yoga;
  5. Pre/post-natal fitness.

The times and days that the Classes are offered by Nurtured Fitness are scheduled to be aligned with Queensland school terms but are subject to change at the sole and absolute discretion of Nurtured Fitness.

Instructor means any instructor that at any time has the conduct of a/the group fitness Class/es facilitated by Nurtured Fitness, including any person that is engaged by Nurtured Fitness as an employee or contractor to conduct the group fitness Class/es. 

Nurtured Fitness means Philippa Anne Bowman trading as Nurtured Fitness ABN 12 529 643 219 and includes the Instructors.

Nurtured Fitness Program means the schedule of Classes facilitated each Term by Nurtured Fitness.

Studio means Turning Pointe Dance Studios or such other studio or other location at which the Nurtured Fitness Programs are conducted from time to time

Term means the duration of time of between approximately 8 and 12 weeks in which each Nurtured Fitness Program is offered, that time period being the equivalent of approximately one Queensland school term.  The Term duration will be set by Nurtured Fitness and notified to clients prior to the commencement of the Nurtured Fitness Program scheduled for the relevant Term.

You means the person signing these Terms and Conditions, and is also referred to as the Client throughout these Terms and Conditions.


Postnatal clients:

You must get the ‘all clear’ to exercise from Your GP/OB/MW prior to participating in any of the Nurtured Fitness Programs.  There is a minimum 6 week wait after a vaginal birth & 10-12 weeks following complications or cesarean section birth. You must disclose all medical or physical conditions relevant to the Nurtured Fitness Program to the Instructor (for Yourselves & child/ren) and notify the Instructor of any changes during the Nurtured Fitness Program.

Prenatal clients:

You must receive the ‘all clear’ to exercise from Your GP/OB/MW prior to starting or continuing in the Nurtured Fitness Program.

In most cases the ‘verbal all clear’ from Your health care provider is sufficient, but in specific cases written consent may be required.



Make-up Classes:

Registration Basis & Make-up Classes

1. Casual Class:

There are no make-up Classes offered for this registration basis.

2. One Class Per Week:

There will be a maximum of two make-up Classes offered to You, per Term.

Make-up Classes can be only be taken within the current Nurtured Fitness Program Term on any alternative days any of the Classes are offered.  Make-up Classes will only be granted where a minimum of 2 hours’ written notice is given to Nurtured Fitness via the booking app.  Missed Classes with no notice, late notice or no show are considered a forfeit of Your Class.

3. Unlimited Classes:

There are no make-up Classes offered for this registration basis.


No make-up Classes will be offered for Classes that need to be cancelled by Nurtured Fitness  due to natural disasters.


Class timetable:

All Classes, Class times and Instructors are subject to change without notice.


Baby Carriers:

All baby carriers must be approved by the Instructor prior to participating in any Class.  The Instructor reserves the right to refuse participation for any carrier deemed unsuitable for the Class.  Manduca’s are available for free hire during Classes, but are subject to availability.


Supervision of Children: 

You are responsible for the supervision & wellbeing of Your Children at all times while at the Studio.  Nurtured Fitness do not offer any child minding services. Older children are welcome if You have no other alternatives for child care.  You must ensure that Your Children stay off the main studio floor during all standing dance routines as they will become a tripping hazard to other mothers. You may be asked to leave if Your Children are causing too much distraction.



You must respect the Studio’s rules/belongings and leave everything in a tidy manner.  You must take all dirty nappies off premises for Your own disposal. You may Ask Your Instructor for a plastic bag for such disposal.  The Studio, Nurtured Fitness & Your Instructor do not take any responsibility for the loss of or damage to Your property.  You should not bring any valuables with You nor leave them in Your car. There is no food allowed inside the Studio.



Registration Type

Terms of Registration Type

1. Casual Class:

You can book for a casual class during selected dates as outline by Nurtured Fitness.  This includes any free classes offered to a client. Casual classes are available for new clients to try before committing to the term booking.

2. One Class Per Week:

You can register for one nominated Class per week only.

You agree to regularly attend the same Class (for example Tuesday 9.30am Family circuit) for a full Term.

Each Term, You will still need to book for Your nominated Class. You must advise Nurtured Fitness in writing which day/Class/time You would like to attend for the up-coming Term.

A full Term commitment is required when booking & Your payments will continue throughout each Term.  Attendance at seasonal/weather dependent Classes are not included at this registration level (for example, including but not limited to outdoor stroller Classes).

If, under any circumstance, You are unable to attend Your nominated Class for the duration of the Term, you will be required to make payment of all amounts owed to Nurtured Fitness for the Term.

3. Unlimited Classes:

You can attend multiple Classes per week.  Maximum class numbers apply, so places are subject to availability.

You can attend any of the Classes in the Nurtured Fitness program, including seasonal/weather dependent Classes.

Bookings are still required each Term.

You must advise Nurtured Fitness in writing which days/Classes/times You would like to attend for the up-coming Term.

A full Term commitment is required when booking & Your payments will continue over each Term.

If, under any circumstance, You are unable to attend Your nominated Classes for the duration of the Term, you will be required to make payment of all amounts owed to Nurtured Fitness for the Term.


In consideration for being permitted to participate in the Nurtured Fitness Program, either on a Casual Class basis, One Class Per Week basis or an Unlimited Classes basis, you agree to pay the following relevant Fee to Nurtured Fitness.


Registration Type & Fee

1. Casual Class

$18.00 per casual Class

2. One Class Per Week:

$15.95 per week

3. Unlimited Classes:

$27.95 per week


Nurtured Fitness use the services of Quickpay to faciliate payments of the Fee by direct debit.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Quickpay (Quickpay T&C’s HERE).

  1. There is a 48 hour cooling off period for all new agreements.  If You cancel during that 48 hour cooling off period, You will be liable for a $20 administrative fee and any Classes that are attended during this period will be charged to You at the Casual Class Fee rate.  You will also be required to return, or reimburse Nurtured Fitness for the retail cost of, any bonus or promotional material provided to You upon entering into this agreement.
  2. All direct debit payments are set up to come out weekly on a Thursday for the week ahead.  All upfront payments will be processed immediately when bookings form is complete.
  3. The minimum direct debit period is one Term.  That will be based on the current or up coming Queensland standard school Term (generally 8-12 weeks).  Commitment to a full Term is required thereafter.
  4. Once the minimum period of one Term is met, You can cancel for consequent Terms, with a minimum of 2 weeks written notice to Nurtured Fitness prior to the next Term starting.
  5. All direct debit fees will be paused over the school holidays unless agreed to carry over.
  6. If You are registered for one nominated Class per week only, and that Class falls on a public holiday, Your direct debit payments will be paused for the Class which lands on a public holiday.  You will have the option to attend a different Class that week and continue your payment as usual. Payments will not be paused for those on Unlimited Classes when public holidays occur.
  7. Pregnant clients payments will be stopped when the baby is delivered.  It is the clients respoinsiblity to inform Nurtured Fitness in writing as soon as practical.  Nurtured Fitness is not liable to refund payments when not informed of delivery.
  8. Any missed or failed payments will be charged a non-refundable administrative fee by Quickpay.
  9. Quickpay, Nurtured Fitness and are not responsible for any charge back amounts and any charge back fees charged by the financial institution as a result of You failing to produce a valid and duly authorized direct debit request.  The responsibility for those charges will be Your sole responsibility.


Possible risks:

Your Instructor will make various efforts to minimise any potential risks. However, You must be aware that exercise has some potential side effects and risks. It is possible that throughout the Class You may experience abnormal blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, dehydration, fainting and/or dizziness. It is also possible that You or Your child/children might seriously injure yourselves from the use of equipment, failure of equipment, tripping or falling, other hazards associated with the studio/equipment, moving around while exercising, and Your surroundings. In very rare circumstances, it is possible that exercise can cause heart attack, stroke or death.

Your responsibilities:

It is extremely important and essential that any physical or other symptoms that You or Your child/children experience whilst participating in the Nurtured Fitness Program are explained to Your Instructor, even if You feel that they might not be important. It is also important that You tell Your Instructor any information You possess about You and Your child’s/children’s health status, or changes to health during the course of Your program, especially those that relate to heart problems including shortness of breath, pain, pressure, tightness or heaviness in the chest, neck, back, jaw, calf area and/or arms. By telling Your Instructor this information You are minimising Your risk of injury, complications and death. It is expected and is essential that You will tell Your Instructor all medications You use, begin to use or cease using (including non-prescription) prior to participation in any Class. It is also expected that any short term changes to Your usual medication regime are reported to Your Instructor (e.g. forgetting to take Your medication one morning).

Release and Indemnity:

In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Nurtured Fitness Program, You release and indemnify Nurtured Fitness, from and against any actions or claims howsoever arising from any injury, loss, expense, damage of any kind or death caused to Your and/or Your Children in connection to or directly or indirectly related in any way to Your participation in the Nurtured Fitness Programs.


Throughout the Classes, You & Your Children may be photographed or filmed for Nurtured Fitness publications, such as the website, newsletter, social media and other promotional material.  You will not be paid any compensation or other amount for Your appearance in any such medium. In the event that You do not want to be photographed or filmed, You must notify Nurtured Fitness or Kangatraining Cairns at the time of entering into this agreement.  If you do not notify Nurtured Fitness, you are deemed to have accepted this condition.


Nurtured Fitness reserve the right to unilaterally and at their sole discretion vary these terms and conditions, the Fee, the Studio location and the Class format at any time.  Notice of changes may be given to You via email or personally delivering the notice to You.


By signing these Terms and Conditions, You acknowledge and agree that:

  • You have truthfully completed the Health Questionnaire attached to these Terms and Conditions
  • You have read and understood the Terms and Conditions
  • These Terms and Conditions form the entire agreement between You and Nurtured Fitness, which agreement is legally binding upon both parties
  • You understand what is expected of You and You understand the risks, procedures and obligations associated with the Nurtured Fitness Program;
  • You understand all of the information and instructions outlined in this informed consent, and have had time to discuss any concerns with an Instructor or any other relevant health professional
  • You have had sufficient time to read and understand the Terms and Conditions and ask Nurtured Fitness any questions in respect of the Terms and Conditions;
  • You are participating in the Nurtured Fitness Program entirely at Your own risk.
  • You are voluntarily participating in the Nurtured Fitness Program with Your Children after having read and understood the Terms and Conditions
  • You are signing these Terms and Conditions on behalf of yourself and on behalf of the Children as their parent/guardian/caregiver.