Week 8

Hey There

Your mission this week is to get your food on track and organised.  So I have put together 2 meal plans that you can base your week around.  These are a guide which you can tweak to your families style, but you can see how straight forward and instructive they are.

There are instructions for prepping, shopping lists and recipes #winning

I have given you 2 options to choose from.  A postnatal plan and a Plant based family friendly plan.  The second plan may be more helpful for those with older children to consider with meal prepping.  This plan is meat free, but if you do decide to add a portion of meat to your meal, 85g per adult is typically enough. I do encourage you to work towards at least 1 meat free day per week.

When you go through the process for the food prep (yourself or someone helping you at home), it means you will have great food on hand (left overs) for lunch, which will reduce the amount of toddlers scraps to survive off, ensures you are getting lots of colour happening.. and actually giving your body the best chance to function at its best!!

Option 1: CLICK HERE for the Postnatal Guide & CLICK HERE for the postnatal Planner & recipes

Option 2: CLICK HERE for the Plant based Family Guide & CLICK HERE for the family friendly planner & recipes

You do not have to follow these plans strictly (but if you do choose to do so, you are eliminating all the guess work), but I do want you to put together a plan for your week and use these recipes and guides as inspiration.

These are the steps you will follow:

  1. Review the plans & meals, choose the plan or recipes that you like best and want to include in your meals this week
  2. Plan all your meals for the week ahead (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner) – using the guide/recipes provided or blending with your own favourites
  3. Decide when you are batch cook or prep meals.  Follow the guide for daily preparation flow
  4. Create or edit the shopping list. Go shopping.
  5. Place your plan on the fridge and follow through as closely as you can this week