Become part of our tribe with Cairns leading Pre/Postnatal fitness experts, who will support you to rebuild your body after pregnancy, increase your energy levels and help you find your groove again.

If you have a clingy baby, don’t want to leave your baby in creche with a stranger (maybe you have a couple of toddlers on the go too), don’t know where or how to start your fitness safely, heal your core/pelvic floor/posture, ready to say YES to loving your body, then register now! We start next week and spaces are strictly limited.

– We are finally back at the studio for real life, in person sessions with a wonderful community of like-minded women.
– Access to live/real time online training sessions for more workouts and guidance while in your own home
– You will get unlimited access to our recorded workouts for any time access for whenever the opportunity presents… even if you have a holiday booked this term or your little ones are sick and can’t come into the studio.
– Guided and kept accountable by our 8 week Challenge to make sure you not only have an awesome time at every single session, but you are steam rolling towards your fitness goals.

Family friendly & women centred service to ease you back into fitness. Are you ready to go from Zombie tired Mum to super fit Mum?



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