Busy Gift

Thank you so much for sharing in my BUSY MUM Webinar

I know what Mama life is like.  It is CRAZY…

So the fact that you have stopped here is a great sign that you don’t want your family health & fitness to suffer


As promised here are your two free workouts below that you can slip into your day when little opportunities come out to say ‘hello’.  Remember the can is small amounts that all add up.  It can be 5min or 55min… just as long as it is fun and you are ready to roll.  Have you got a supportive bra on yet?


Here is your ACTION PLAN

    • Schedule & plan your week including what & how you will exercise
    • Identify and use those small opportunities to move your body
    • Dress the part
    • Exercise WITH your family
    • Create a movement based lifestyle
    • Hit the gas when you have the time/energy… and be kind to yourself when sh!t hits the fan

The Quickie – Great for Nap time or when the kids are pre-occupied

Family Obstacle Course – Turn Play time into a fun Workout WITH your children

Please let me know how you go!


If this is enough to wet the appetite and you want more of these workouts,

then please check out our ‘Mama Fit Play’ 8 week online Group Program kicking off October 3rd.  The early bird rates are closing very soon.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 12.00.38 AM

This program is perfect for

  • Women who want to safely rebuild their bodies
  • Mums who WANT or NEED to exercise with their children
  • Mums who need exciting home based programs
  • Busy women who want quality time with their children
  • Ladies who want to Find their Fitness Groove

I’ve got your covered.. (See the full program details here)

Every week you will be getting new workouts.  Home based & Interactive programs to do with your baby or toddler. PLUS core programs each week too!

Every week we will have coaching sessions to keep you on track and inspire you

I will be there holding your hand through the whole process and you will have a team of other amazing Mums on your side.

If you are ready to set yourself up for success, click here and secure your place NOW


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**These are generic postnatal workouts.  Please participate at your own risk and seek medical advice from your GP prior to starting any new exercise regime**

And finally… if you want to watch the replay of the webinar… (it will be available very soon… or just hit play)

Keep Movin’ Mama’s

Philippa Bowman