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Starts Monday 29th Feb 2016

  • It’s time to focus on repairing your postnatal body, flatten your tummy & stop crossing your legs every time you sneeze.
  • Are you thinking about having another baby? You need to focus on restoring your core & pelvic floor before they go through another transformation & weaken further.
  • Incontinence is not something you just have to live with! I don’t want to be wear ‘LBL’ liners or Adult nappies when I’m older either

Do you NEVER remember to do your pelvic floor exercises?

  • Do you want to be able to jump on the trampoline with your kids without worrying about a ‘little leaks’?
  • Do you literally only have 3 minutes spare per day to scratch yourself? I need short sharp & effective!
  • Do you know your back problems could be related to a weak core?




I’m Philippa, Your Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert & Founder of Nurtured Fitness

I created this challenge because I see Mums all the time, trying so hard to rebuild their bodies, but are actually doing exercises that are not postnatal safe & could do further damage to their core or pelvic floor muscles.

I am excited to share my challenge with short effective workouts so that they can run, jump & be an active Mum with their children without worry about wetting yourself or core problems.




Did someone say Bonuses?

  • Pelvic Floor resources
  • Video tips for checking your abdominal separation
  • Mini 10 min Cardio Program

It’s all about creating momentum & habits for life long strength

This Challenge is perfect for:

  • Mums who have no spare time & when they get it, they have no idea what they should be doing
  • Families who are thinking about having more children, but want to heal their body first
  • Women who want workouts that are SAFE for their postnatal body & not going to further damage themselves
  • Ladies who want to heal their Mummy Tummy from the inside out
  • Anyone who doesn’t want the embarrassment of incontinence leaks
  • Mums who are ready for a challenge and want to learn wicked new exercises to incorporate at home


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Starts Monday 29th Feb 2016

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