Holiday Health Replay

Thank you for watching the HOLIDAY HEALTH Webinar

I know what Mama life is like.  It is CRAZY… especially around the Silly Season

So the fact that you have stopped here is a great sign that you don’t want your health & fitness to suffer

Here is your ACTION PLAN

  • Plan & recognise opportunity
  • Practice Mindful Eating
  • Focus on maintaining your health
  • Mix up your Fitness
  • Move more – Movement Matters
  • Experience holidays like a local
  • Choose family friendly exercise options
  • Be kind to yourself

Watch the Replay NOW – Simple, effect & Guilt Free strategies!

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**These are generic postnatal workouts.  Please participate at your own risk and seek medical advice from your GP prior to starting any new exercise regime**

Keep Movin’ Mama’s

Philippa Bowman