Family Fitness Circuit

Train Hard & Play Hard

Mum will train hard, while the kids play hard in our interactive Family circuit class. You will get fit and strong, whilst your toddler develops motor skills through movement in our enclosed air conditioned dance studio. We aim to inspire families to make exercise a normal part of their everyday life for long term health and wellbeing.

This class is ideal for toddlers approximately 1-4 years old, but we have modifications for Mums with babies under 12months & those who are pregnant!


How will my child be involved?

The main goal is to get Mum fit while playing with their child. Be prepared to be goofy and sing along in your silly voice. We will teach the mum the exercises and it will be your role to encourage your child to join in. Remember the 3 C’s Copy, Chase, Carry. Encourage your child to COPY you, CHASE you or you can CARRY them through most of our activities. If your child is happy to ‘free play’ that is all good with us. We will use various pieces of equipment such as balls, parachute, ribbons, instruments, hoops etc that will vary from week to week.

What if my child doesn’t participate in class?

Children learn in different ways. Just because a child appears shy in class, that doesn’t mean he or she is not learning. You may find that your child is quiet in the class but does all the activities or songs at home. Encourage your child as much as possible to try the activities and reinforce this by doing the exercises and activities together at home. All children will respond differently to the class depending on their mood or many other factors. We are all mothers and I too will have my toddler with me, so please just relax and enjoy this time with your tot.

You can relax knowing your children are happy, safe & close.

How will my child benefit?

Children are born to move, so this class aims to foster their development. Your child will learn and practice fundamental movement skills that will also contribute towards brain and sensory development. Your child will socialise with other likeminded families and be provided with a safe environment for releasing energy.


These 45min classes are run on Monday & Tuesday 9.30am at Turning Pointe Dance Studio. 240 Hartley, Bungalow. Bookings are essential.  Our classes are run during school term only.  CLICK HERE to enquire

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Term 4 is a 10 Week term starting from Oct 8.  We offer 2 weeks of casual classes from July 8-18 before committing to the remainder of the term

Bookings are essential – CLICK HERE