Week 1 Challenge Work

Hey Team,

Here is all the info and links you need to get stuck into week 1 of our challenge work.  Week 1 is THEE most important to make sure our mind is in the right place for our body to have the best success.  Each following link will get a little bit easier and require just a bit of tweaking.  So don’t skip this step.

I recommend: Watching the video replay & completing the worksheet.

CLICK HERE to get the worksheet & ‘testing’   CLICK HERE to get the Activity/Meal Planner

Then by the end of the week – complete the additional testing (wellbeing test, option measurements and fitness testing) and do your Meal & Activity Planner.  This is all put together to help you eliminate the guess work and put your life on auto pilot.  Get this done by Sunday night… (or Monday night if you are way for the long weekend)