How is your week ahead looking? Probably crazy and unpredictable because you are a Mum.   It is really easy to get caught up just going through the motions of Mum life, but I would love if you can take a moment now to take 3 deep breathes and get excited about your week ahead.  If your week is going to be crazy or cruisey, starting in a positive mindset will make so much difference.

I work with Mums all the time who are trying to achieve little goals for themselves, which is exciting.  BUT we are all full of these hurdles & road blocks that slow us down or give us an unexpected detour.

Now not all women are about goal setting as they feel it puts more pressure on them and adds to the layers of Mum guilt.  I totally get this! But I still hope you benefit from the second point so send you off into good vibrations for the week.

There are three key things that may be holding you back from your health & fitness goals… but really can be applied to any area of your life.



Mum life VS ‘Pre Kid’ life (or PK as my friend recently enlightened me on).

It’s time to get in Mum Mode and stop comparing yourself to what you use to do PK.  It’s not ‘dropping the ball’, but you can’t deny that your priorities have changed a little.  We can still achieve goals but it’s a much rockier path.  You need to stop waiting for the ‘stars to align’ because they never will if you have children.  Imperfect action is Perfect!

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Focus your goals on how you want to feel and what you want your body to be able to do.  For example you want to be full of energy, keep up with your kids, climb trees, run a race.  Take that focus off I need to ‘lose 5kg’.

The issue with focusing purely on weight loss is that it that 5kg doesn’t actually make you happy,  you probably will hate the process, probably use bad methods, doesn’t actually mean you will be more energetic or a fun mum.

Weight loss may naturally occur when you chase the feels & capabilities of your body.  The happiness you achieve from gaining those feelings (energy, time with your kids, climbing trees or entering races) is a millions times more valuable than numbers on scales.



Whatever you focus your energy on, THAT is what will expand.

If it is negative or positive, this thing that you are talking about in your head will manifest and grow.

The scary thing is, it doesn’t even have to be true in reality.  But if YOU believe its true and keep repeating this talk, you actually make it your reality.

If you tell yourself I am lazy, I give up easily, I’m too busy, I hate myself, I don’t have enough help, I don’t have enough money, my children consume me… This will all happen.

Who is the person you want to be? What does she do? What does she say? How does she live her life?

What if you started acting & talking like this person? You will start to manifest this person.

So take a moment now to write down 2 or 3 positive self believe sentence that you will start to manifest this week.

Is it… I deserve it, I am confident, I have enough time, I am enough, I am beautiful, I am strong ??  Even if you don’t believe it yet, just start saying it to yourself until you do.



One of the hurdles that Mums think that is holding them back from their fitness goals is a lack of resources.  I don’t have a gym membership, I don’t have family help/babysitters, I don’t know where/how to start.

The truth is, you have everything you need.  You don’t need any more resources… you just need more RESOURCESFULLNESS

Don’t have a gym membership – workout at home, with your kids, using weighted objected, do a youtube dance routine

Don’t have family/babysitters – exercise with your kids, with a friend, tag team workouts with partner

Don’t know where to start – you have me!  Just go through all my blogs, facebook posts, come to my classes.

You have everything you need, it’s just time to get a bit creative.  Whatever that one big hurdle is for you, figure out now, How can I make this an opportunity to for me and work for my family situation.  Use the that solution, then use the positive mindset and tell yourself how great it is going to be

For example is you need to workout with your kids, don’t focus on everything that might go wrong, get excited about spending quality time with your kids, having fun, getting fresh air and burning some energy together.


Have an amazing week.  You have got this! You are an amazing Mum.
Philippa Bowman
Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert
Founder of Nurtured Fitness