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Live or Virtual speaking events create a buzz like no other interaction can.  If you are looking to be motivated & inspired by an expert in Health, Wellness, Fitness & Business, book Philippa in for your next event.

Philippa is available to travel throughout Australia for live events, workshops & presentation.

Looking to add Movement and Exercise during the virtual event breaks??  We have got you covered

With virtual events being the normal, reset & recharge attendees minds by getting them active/stretching/moving so they can refocus and fully engage in your content

There isn’t enough time in the day

There isn’t enough time in the day

Hey Busy Lady! Mum life can be totally crazy right.  And the thing that usually gets put on the back burner is YOU.  You know what I mean.. your me time and prioritizing your health isn’t at the fore front of your mind. I experienced this on the extreme level the...

Change this ONE thing for better results

We are all after some kind of result with fitness... it might be performance based, health, weight loss or fun.  But there is this ONE thing that will get you results faster! This will sound really simple and maybe too simple.  But I really want you to hear me out and...

5 Things mum should know about Yoga

During the days, months or years of being a mum, many of us know the feeling that we have become so absorbed in the role/label/responsibilities that we have put on ourselves. We often miss to remind ourselves that we are so much more and potentially forgot who we are....

Do you really need a Women’s Health Physio check up?

Many of you may not know this type of physio exists or perhaps even questioning if you really need to see you one.  Especially if you had a great pregnancy, birth & recovery! There is great value in seeing one if you have a new born in your arms or even a toddler!...

Goal Setting Checklist

Most women I work with are everyday people.  Not athletes, but we have a lot of Mums purely running on survival mode.  Our focus changes so much when we become a Mum, but many of us still want to feel like we are achieving something or want to have more energy to...

Why holidays are the best for Fitness

Why holidays are the best for Fitness

Are you one of these people who get a little worried when it comes to holidays and how your whole health & fitness is going to fall off the band wagon? I totally get it.  You are out of your routine, perhaps in unfamiliar surroundings.. BUT this is my fav time of...


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