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5 Things mum should know about Yoga

During the days, months or years of being a mum, many of us know the feeling that we have become so absorbed in the role/label/responsibilities that we have put on ourselves. We often miss to

Do you really need a Women’s Health Physio check up?

Many of you may not know this type of physio exists or perhaps even questioning if you really need to see you one.  Especially if you had a great pregnancy, birth & recovery! There is

Goal Setting Checklist

Most women I work with are everyday people.  Not athletes, but we have a lot of Mums purely running on survival mode.  Our focus changes so much when we become a Mum, but many of

Surviving the Silly Season

The silly season is fast approaching and you may have some thoughts running through your mind on how you are going to survive the madness & stay healthy The good thing is, you have everything

Your secret motive

When we put effort into anything, you will find the big difference of success is your mindset You can have two different people doing the exact same ‘effort’ (let's say they are running 5km).  One

The real food expert

There are so many health professionals out there giving their ‘advice’ about what you should and shouldn’t eat.  Well I am calling BS on most of these people.  They have no right to tell you