Get in and learn about 5 things to start your fitness!

The truth behind my ‘Perfect’ body

Many of you know that I use to compete in body building.  I had a pretty amazing body.  I had the 6 pack, great arms and got compliments all the time.  I distinctly remember a

Nurtition kept simple for Mums

Nutrition can be really simple but many people get confused or overwhelmed with lots of conflicting information, diets & shakes available.   I was really lucky to spend some time with Natalie Thompson APD to pick

Lose the Preoccupation with Losing the ‘Baby Weight’

You (and your partner) created a new life. You watched your body change in 9 months, like you were watching a movie on fast forward. It should have been a magical time. It should have

Practical Parenting through Back Pain

Have you ever been told not to use a babycarrier? I have had a handful of mums who have been told by health professionals not to use baby carriers.  Normally because they are experiencing bad

Is barefoot best?

Have you heard about the ‘bare foot movement’? I know I had many years before I actually dipped my toe (mostly by accident) into actually practicing this on a daily basis.  I do love how

The Best Time of Day to Exercise

Evidence shows that working out, first thing in the morning, before you have had breakfast can actually increase your metabolism across the day.  So does this mean it is the best time to workout?  Short