The Fit Thriving Mum Method

Working with Philippa Bowman

Stressed out, Floundering, Surviving or Feeling ‘Blah’ in your own skin?

I see you! It’s time to stop settling for Surviving.  It is your time to THRIVE.

If you are sick of staying on the roller coast of dieting & fitness, lost your spark, feeling blah in your own skin, I have got you covered!

Book A Call to discover how you can fast track to become a Fit Strong Energetic Adventurous Woman… without the mum guilt, without spending more time away from the kids & without an obsessive regime.

What They’re Saying About It

Kylie’s Story..

I am feeling fitter and stronger than I EVER have in my adult life!”

Kylie lost 8kg & 43cm from her body… and continuing to see results. I am feeling fit, strong, happy, sexy and closer to my vision of being a MILF than I ever have been… My friends are starting to notice the difference. I bought size 8 jeans and Dan (husband) said I was “looking skinny”, so there must be something noticeable going on.

Since finishing the Fit Thriving Mum method I have continued to follow the core principles and I am still seeing amazing results! In the last 3 months I have lost ANOTHER 5.2kg and 2.5cm overall! I have also taken another 8sec off my fitness test time and added 15sec to my plank!

Philippa, you have given me the tools to live my best life and I am forever grateful. Thank you for this awesome program!

Fit Strong Confident Adventurous Woman

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Whats Included


12 Weeks Online Coaching & Accountability


On Demand & Live Workouts


Step by Step System for Getting Sustainable Results


Community Support from Like-Minded-Mums & Private Client Facebook Group


Nurtured Fitness On Demand App


Nutrition Support & Recipes


Mindset Tools to transform your confidence

Family Friendly & Family Centred Program

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 Would you be ok if you were in the exact same place in 6 months time? What about 1 or 5 or 10 years times? Your health, energy levels and fitness sitting exactly where they are?

Are you ready for change? Are you ready to find the Easy, Fun & Family Friendly way for you to THRIVE?

Do you want sustainable long term results that focus on caring for your whole health, hormones, head space as well as the nutrition & exercise?

Could this be you?

Will you be our next success story?

We have helped hundreds of women transform from tired, exhausted, unfit, no spark, self conscious to Fit Strong Confident Energetic Adventurous Women in 3 months


I joined the program to find out strategies for the long term and I have absolutely gained this.  About half way through the program I realised that the weight loss had become less important because I HAD ENERGY!  I feel like I can manage day-to-day family life a lot better and still have something left in the tank when the kids go to bed.


Was so nervous and apprehensive about jumping in.  But she transformed into a Fitness Machine with ease & now her best friend has joined the program


Did what she had been putting off until the ‘kids were older’.  She entered a 30km trail run and went overnight hiking with her 3 young kids!


10 + 10 =


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