Most women I work with are everyday people.  Not athletes, but we have a lot of Mums purely running on survival mode.  Our focus changes so much when we become a Mum, but many of us still want to feel like we are achieving something or want to have more energy to tackle motherhood.

Goal setting is a really great tool for getting us motivated and aligning our focus.

There is a huge body positive movement happening everywhere now which I really love.  People are beginning to realize the ‘weight loss’ industry is stopping you from thriving & weight/fat loss shouldn’t be the core focus of our existence.

Does this mean that if you have a weight loss goal you will be frown upon? No! Having a weight loss goal isn’t inherently bad but often the motive, rationale or sustainability is.  Stay with me now…

Our purpose and focus in life should not be about making 10,000 steps per day, loosing 10kg or being a certain dress size.  When we talk goals, many women default to a weight loss goal.  Um ok, I’ll try loose 5kg?!

We were born to move.  Every part of our being and design is be moved and enjoyed.  These weight centered goals can stop us from living, stop us from being happy or stop us from trying new things.  Boring!!

So I want you to get back out in nature.  Try something new.  What is the thing you have wanted to try forever but you have held off.  Seriously, just do it.  Put it in your diary, call a friend and make it happen.  What we are all really chasing is that ‘feeling’.  We want to be happy, have more energy and enjoy life.

When we focus on fun movement often all the other good stuff will start following (like improving your health).  It is such a game changer when you focus on the feeling with great methods, instead of punishing your body to be a certain number.  It’s a small mental shift that makes a massive impact on your happiness.


So here are my check list I want you to take into consideration when setting a goal for yourself

  1. Why is this goal important to you? Really dig deep here
  2. Does this goal focus on what you want your body to be able to do (how it can move – let’s climb mountains ladies)
  3. Notice the internal chatter when setting your goals. Does is evoke harsh criticisms of yourself and beat yourself up?
  4. Is this your goal… or something you feel society, partner or even I am putting on you?
  5. Will this goal add pressure/stress/overwhelm or will it help me THRIVE?


The final thought I want you to consider is how your body works.  All our bodies are made up differently, different proportions and they respond differently to food & exercise.  The reason the shift has changed from ‘how our body looks’, is because we can’t change our our body responds to exercise.  The simple science of calories/energy in & energy out does NOT work.

Let’s face it, my body is very different to Kim Kardashians and if we did the exact same workout and ate the same things, we would still look very different!

Now being postnatal makes it a little more tricky for our bodies to respond the same our (compared to YOUR normal) because of hormones.  Changes in hormones WILL change the way your body responds.  Your hormones will change with breastfeeding, lack of sleep & stress.  So give yourself and extra high 5 for creating a little human and taking perhaps a little longer with your goal.

Have an amazing week.  I hope it is full over happy moving moments


Philippa Bowman
Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert
Nurtured Fitness