Are you one of these people who get a little worried when it comes to holidays and how your whole health & fitness is going to fall off the band wagon?

I totally get it.  You are out of your routine, perhaps in unfamiliar surroundings.. BUT this is my fav time of year! One, because its holidays and two, you because it’s so easy to make fitness exciting and still get results!

What?? Ok, I haven’t gone crazy.  So hear me out and rediscovery how you can come home from an amazing holiday with your fitness at a new level.

When you are holiday you don’t have to worry about ‘working out’.  You still need to move your body but don’t stress about intense ‘gym workouts’.  Your body is actually going to thrive on the change of pace & potential new challenges.

Start by exploring your surroundings.  Seriously, who doesn’t like walking.  I love it.  So when I am on holiday I check out as much as I can on foot.  We recently got back from Fitzroy Island and did the walk to the light house & summit.  I think it took us (girlfriend and I – babyfree paradise) about 1-1.5hours.  Now my friend was killing it as she lives up a big as*s hill, but my endurance kick in half way.

Now weather you are climbing big hills or just walking on the flat your body will respond.  Why? Because it’s a new path, the terrain is uneven, unbalanced, different heights, trudging through sand.  If you feel the urge to push a little harder, go for it! But if you are mindfully soaking in your surroundings that is amazing too.

Holidays are the best time to try new activities.  In fact this is my current little personal challenge.  To try a new fitness activity each week (until my classes start back).  Sometime totally out of the ordinary, fun and can take a friend with me to laugh with.  This week we have tried Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga.  Next week I am thinking either Aerial Yoga or Pole Fitness.  It is going to be a hoot.  Even if you suck, your abs & soul will get a great workout from all the laughter.

If you are trying a new class, just let the instructor know of any injuries and be aware of pre/postnatal modifications x

Hire local equipment – snorkles, SUP, jet skis, roller blades – just focus on fun movement.  Climb over the rocks at the beach, dig a big hole in the sand – nature is the best playground.

So regardless if you are travelling for your holidays or staying around home, there are so many fun ways to mix up your fitness to get great results.  The training intensity itself doesn’t actually have to be harder than what you are use to, just DIFFERENT.

You will enjoy discovering new muscles you haven’t used before and may even find a new passion.  If you are feeling a bit sore, be sure to hit the pool.  You can swim if you love laps, but just bouncing around and moving in water actually helps massage your muscles and ease muscle soreness


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Happy Holidays
Philippa Bowman
Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert
Founder of Nurtured Fitness