Nutrition can be really simple but many people get confused or overwhelmed with lots of conflicting information, diets & shakes available.


I was really lucky to spend some time with Natalie Thompson APD to pick her brain about what Pre & Postnatal Mums really need to know about nutrition.  She is a No-Diet Deititian and I love her approach & philosophy to nutrition. CLICK HERE to check out Natalie’s website


Check out the video below for our full interview!


Here are the basic’s of my approach to nutrition:

Mindful eating – start listening to your body, it is actually talking to you all the time.  Busy Mum’s can find it easy to tune out of their own bodies as they are so focused on caring for their children’s needs.  But before you eat, start by asking yourself… What do I feel like? Am I hungry, thirst, bored, tired?


Intuitive eating – trust your instincts.  Don’t eat what you think you ‘should’ be eating.  Eat what makes your body feel good.  Trust yourself.


Eat the rainbow – There are so many essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants in colourful fruit & vegetables that actually make your body function better!


Be prepared – Have you pantry & fridge full of great food options you enjoy eating and make you feel good.  Plan ahead a little around lunch time either eating dinner left overs or packing yourself a ‘lunch box’ (yip just like the kids).


Eat whole foods – Is it actually a food or something made up of a whole bunch of numbers? Generally less packing means less processing & preserving.


When eating eat – try to turn off other distractions, eat as a family & enjoy/savour.


There is so much more to your relationship with food, which should be a positive & enjoyable experience, but this is a great place to start.


Let me know if you have any particular food struggles and lets find the solution together.