Hello February!!

And just like that that new year is gone and we should be back in full swing.  I do love starting each year fresh, establishing a new routine, finding what works for our family now an giving myself a few small goals to work towards.

But I totally get how quickly we can loose momentum or just stall finding that right routine/rhythm that works for your life.  Maybe you are even all excited and pumped on a Monday, but come Friday your path has taken a hook turn left.

How do you continue to stay focused or motivated towards your health and fitness goals… ALL week long?

So here are my top tips that keep my energized the week through.


  1. Plan a fun session with friends later in the week

Its always harder to bail on workout when you have other people committed and waiting for you.  Thursday or Friday are the perfect days to do something fitness orientated with your friends.  Just going for a walk or attending a class together will do the trick.  Of course make sure it is fun so you are actually looking forward to it.

You could of course be the opposite of this and find Monday just really hard – so work in reverse and work with how YOU work.  Plan a similar session on Monday’s if this is you.


  1. Adventure weekend

Have something active to do together as a family on the weekend.  I typically love opting for the free stuff like enjoying the nature walks/scenes/playgrounds/gardens close to us.  But sporadically you might add in a boat trip or hiring some paddle boards.


  1. Get more support

I have come to face that I don’t actually have super power and there simply are not enough hours in the day.  So when I need to stay focused on anything, its great to grab an expert to help you through (this works for business, personal, parenting & fitness stuff).  Of course this is where I come in (aka postnatal fitness expert!) but it also be a friend who is knowledgeable in that area or support group/community.  Stay connected with like-minded people.

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  1. Reset anytime

We are going to fall off the band wagon from time to time… perhaps even daily! But don’t let a bad moment turn into a bad day/week/month… Take a moment to recognize what is happening (ie life got crazy, I hate my own body weight in cake…), then quickly reset, plan the next move and get on track now.  Otherwise it can over flow and you start staying.. ‘well I blew it now, may as well just give up and keep eating’.


  1. Know your ‘WHY’

So why do you want to be fit & healthy?  Because if it isn’t really a good reason, you wont really want to do it.  My why is mostly focused around the feeling (not the size of my pants or weight on the scales).  What can I do or how do I feel when I am fit and healthy? Can you keep up with your kids, do you have more energy, do you feel stronger?? Write down your why, have it somewhere easy to find (wallet/fridge), so that you can remind yourself of the feeling you really want.


I would love to hear any other tips that work for you, please share with me either email, facebook or Instagram and lets get powering through your entire week.

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Keep Movin’

Philippa Bowman
Postnatal Fitness Expert & Founder of Nurtured Fitness