Why you should just eat that chocolate bar.  Did your Personal Trainer really just tell you that?

Tell me, have you ever done this?

Your hungry so you go to the fridge and see some chocolate.  Yum, just want I feel like!  But you say no, I’m going to be ‘good’.  I’ll have an apple.

You eat the apple, but you still haven’t quite hit the spot.  So you go back for something else.. Ok I’ll have some crackers – just a few.

You guessed it still hungry to I gobble up a bit of cheese too.  But now you still can’t shake that itch for chocolate.  So you go back and grab the chocolate bar and devour the whole thing.

So you have consumed all the calories for an apple, crackers, cheese and chocolate.  Don’t you think you should have just had the chocolate in the first place instead of eating all these other things you didn’t even feel like?

It is so important to listen to what you body is actually wants.  And when you do have it to take the the time to savour and enjoy whatever it is your eating without the food guilt.

Let’s get things straight tho.  If you don’t feel like chocolate, don’t eat chocolate (or chips or whatever your ‘vice’ is).  And if you do decide to have some, eat is slowly.  Take a small portion and see if you are satisfied after a small amount.  Don’t hide in the cupboard so no one can see you – share it so you don’t inhale the whole thing.

Chocolate isn’t part of an entire nutritious daily diet but there is nothing wrong with eating small amounts in moderation.

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So how can you beat the chocolate cravings before they even hit?

  1. Don’t have it in the house – If you are tempted to eat something like chocolate when you don’t normally feel like it, then remove it from sight. Then if you are tempted to eat some, take a walk to the shops to pick it up (leave the car behind – see the double whammy there)
  2. Healthy proteins and fats will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. Have meals and snacks that include foods like nuts, avocados, chicken etc.  Have them readily available in your pantry to make some appetizing.
  3. Make it yourself – there are so many amazing bliss ball recipes out there that you can make a tasty nourishing sweet fix at home. Your kids will love the mess and maths lesson. Ingredients like cocoa, coconut, nuts, dates will be sure to hit the spot
  4. Slow down – Many people tend to eat a high sugary easy snack when they are really busy and distracted. You may completely to eat all together then suddenly hit a wall and needs an instant easy pick me up.  Hello chocolate.  Sure this is easy said than done, but perhaps you can look at your day/week/schedule and see if you can eliminate some of the ‘cray cray’

Have a tasty week
Philippa Bowman
Found of Nurtured Fitness & Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert