November 2022 – Rivers Push Play Challenge

Step 1: Complete the registration form below, before we kick off Monday 14th December

Step 2: CLICK HERE to create your account for the app & to get full access to the Programs.

Step 3: Next Download the ‘Nurtured Fitness’ App on your phone (iphone or android).  You must do step 2 first, because if you don’t you won’t be able to open any programs.  If you have any issues, delete the app and then load again.

Step 4: Browse through and listen to the Prep Week work before we kick off Monday 14th November.


Do you want additional support to achieve your own personal health goals over these 4 weeks? CLICK HERE to complete the Mini Health Assessment and receive personalised recommendations from Philippa (Health & Fitness) & Esha (Naturopath)

Let’s go!