Strong Mumma Challenge – Bonus Workouts

AMPRAP Workouts – Complete As Many Rounds As Possible.
Continuously complete the exercises for 5mins, aiming to complete as many rounds as possible with minimal rest between exercises.10, 20, 30 set combinations.
For tips & technique refer to my tutorial video. No equipment required:
10 Dips – Variations: Seated ground and hinge back, on chair with knees bent, on chair with legs straight
20 Squats – Variations: Body Weight, Weighted
30 Mountain climbers – Variations: Inclined chair – slow, inclined chair – fast, full push up position slow, full push up position fast. Complete on elbows & incline if you have weak wrists

CORE WORKOUT EXERCISES – refer to tutorial for technique

Plank hold x 1 min
Plank drops x 20
Cat cow x 10
Bird dog x 10 each side
Back extensions x 20
Flutters x 20
Aim to complete 2-3 set depending on time available

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