Why holidays are the best for Fitness

Are you one of these people who get a little worried when it comes to holidays and how your whole health & fitness is going to fall off the band wagon? I totally get it.  You are out of your routine, perhaps in unfamiliar surroundings.. BUT this is my fav time of year! One, because its holidays and two, you because it’s so easy to make fitness exciting and still get results! What?? Ok, I haven’t gone crazy.  So hear me out and rediscovery how you can come home from an amazing holiday with your fitness at a new level. When you are holiday you don’t have to worry about ‘working out’.  You still need to move your body but don’t stress about intense ‘gym workouts’.  Your body is actually going to thrive on the change of pace & potential new challenges. Start by exploring your surroundings.  Seriously, who doesn’t like walking.  I love it.