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Change this ONE thing for better results

We are all after some kind of result with fitness... it might be performance based, health, weight loss or fun.  But there is this ONE thing that will get you results faster! This will sound really simple and maybe too simple.  But I really want you to hear me out and let this sink it. It can make it really hard, demotivating & an emotional roller coaster journey when you focus on fitness journey on weight loss or even dress size.  Why? Because how our body responds to food & exercise is largely out of your control.  There is a lot of science to it, but it is not as simple as energy in vs energy out. Plus, you have hormones, genetics, & children playing their part in your journey too. Weight loss in itself isn’t bad… BUT it’s been proven time and time again to be a really crappy motivator.  If you want long

5 Things mum should know about Yoga

During the days, months or years of being a mum, many of us know the feeling that we have become so absorbed in the role/label/responsibilities that we have put on ourselves. We often miss to remind ourselves that we are so much more and potentially forgot who we are. Of course, we all have challenging times and days as a mother but we cannot take the responsibilities and time of motherhood aside and live a life full of spare time.  Downtime and living were almost separate compartments of life before kids. So my suggestion is we look motherhood straight in the eye, go to a yoga class with/or even without our children and take a break WITHIN ourselves.   Now let’s unroll the Yoga mat and get on with motherhood and its challenges.....   5 Things you'll love about being on the mat   It is not all about flexibility and strength When we step on

Do you really need a Women’s Health Physio check up?

Many of you may not know this type of physio exists or perhaps even questioning if you really need to see you one.  Especially if you had a great pregnancy, birth & recovery! There is great value in seeing one if you have a new born in your arms or even a toddler! It’s not too late to ensure you are on the right track.   What do they really do? They are specialists in women’s health recovery and pay particular attention to your pelvic floor & abdominals.  These two areas generally get the most amount of ‘hard work’ from pregnancy and birth. But if you also suffered issues with your hips, writs or any other pains from pregnancy & motherhood, they are your go-to physios to help tune you up again   But what if I had my baby AGES ago… its probably too late now right? No, not at all.  We are ‘postnatal’

Goal Setting Checklist

Most women I work with are everyday people.  Not athletes, but we have a lot of Mums purely running on survival mode.  Our focus changes so much when we become a Mum, but many of us still want to feel like we are achieving something or want to have more energy to tackle motherhood. Goal setting is a really great tool for getting us motivated and aligning our focus. There is a huge body positive movement happening everywhere now which I really love.  People are beginning to realize the ‘weight loss’ industry is stopping you from thriving & weight/fat loss shouldn’t be the core focus of our existence. Does this mean that if you have a weight loss goal you will be frown upon? No! Having a weight loss goal isn’t inherently bad but often the motive, rationale or sustainability is.  Stay with me now… Our purpose and focus in life should not be about

Why holidays are the best for Fitness

Are you one of these people who get a little worried when it comes to holidays and how your whole health & fitness is going to fall off the band wagon? I totally get it.  You are out of your routine, perhaps in unfamiliar surroundings.. BUT this is my fav time of year! One, because its holidays and two, you because it’s so easy to make fitness exciting and still get results! What?? Ok, I haven’t gone crazy.  So hear me out and rediscovery how you can come home from an amazing holiday with your fitness at a new level. When you are holiday you don’t have to worry about ‘working out’.  You still need to move your body but don’t stress about intense ‘gym workouts’.  Your body is actually going to thrive on the change of pace & potential new challenges. Start by exploring your surroundings.  Seriously, who doesn’t like walking.  I love it. 

Surviving the Silly Season

The silly season is fast approaching and you may have some thoughts running through your mind on how you are going to survive the madness & stay healthy The good thing is, you have everything you need already! Phew… but I have a quick exercise for you to do to help unlock this. The key to our Christmas Survival is mind set and what you actually keep telling yourself.  The more you say something, the more you believe it. If you are already telling yourself … I don’t have time, Im so busy I over indulge I drink too much It’s too hard to eat well on holidays I know what I’m like, I have no will power I’m so broke .. this is exactly what is going to happen.   Don’t get me wrong, as we ALL have these thoughts in some form or another. I understand how overwhelming it can all be.  I

Your secret motive

When we put effort into anything, you will find the big difference of success is your mindset You can have two different people doing the exact same ‘effort’ (let's say they are running 5km).  One woman is doing it because she loves running, is working on her ‘me time’ and building up to enter a running race for the first time in 10 years. The other lady is running 5km because she hates her thighs and is trying to burn off the desert she ate last night. I can guarantee their results will be different! You know who I want to be right?!  The one who is enjoying the whole health journey, feels positive & confident, the one who will maintain these efforts long term and the one who is ultimately going to be satisfied and achieve goals.   What if just for one week you changed your motive?   What if you did everything

The real food expert

There are so many health professionals out there giving their ‘advice’ about what you should and shouldn’t eat.  Well I am calling BS on most of these people.  They have no right to tell you what you are ‘allowed’ to eat or how many calories you are ‘allowed’   Why? They don’t know if you are hungry or how hungry you are They don’t know if you are full They don’t know your cultural/religious/personal beliefs They don’t know what your family normally like to eat They don’t know how your children eat   But do you know who the expert is?? YOU   That’s right.  Your amazing body, made of over 50 trillion cells knows exactly what it wants.  Each cell is talking to all the other cells to make sure that your body is functioning at its best. Your body is talking to you all the time. But there might be a problem here. 

Mum Moves 101 – Posture, Core & Balance

As you are reading this blog now you are probably feeding your bub or hunched over is some strange position doing the Mum thing! … (cue sit up straight).  But if not, your probably know you put your body in all sorts of position to get through the day Baby on one hip, picking up toys with your toes, reaching into the centre of the car to do up seat belts and lugging around kids ‘stuff’. You can quickly see how mother hood can take its toll on your body.  This can manifest through sore muscles, joint pain, head aches, near falls and muscles imbalances. Now its never as simple as just ‘sit up straight’.  Because if your muscles aren’t strong enough to hold you in that position for the rest of the day, they will get tired and you will move back a position for poorer posture. So two things we can do here. 

Are these 3 things holding you back?

How is your week ahead looking? Probably crazy and unpredictable because you are a Mum.   It is really easy to get caught up just going through the motions of Mum life, but I would love if you can take a moment now to take 3 deep breathes and get excited about your week ahead.  If your week is going to be crazy or cruisey, starting in a positive mindset will make so much difference. I work with Mums all the time who are trying to achieve little goals for themselves, which is exciting.  BUT we are all full of these hurdles & road blocks that slow us down or give us an unexpected detour. Now not all women are about goal setting as they feel it puts more pressure on them and adds to the layers of Mum guilt.  I totally get this! But I still hope you benefit from the second point so send