We are all after some kind of result with fitness… it might be performance based, health, weight loss or fun.  But there is this ONE thing that will get you results faster! This will sound really simple and maybe too simple.  But I really want you to hear me out and let this sink it.

It can make it really hard, demotivating & an emotional roller coaster journey when you focus on fitness journey on weight loss or even dress size.  Why? Because how our body responds to food & exercise is largely out of your control.  There is a lot of science to it, but it is not as simple as energy in vs energy out.

Plus, you have hormones, genetics, & children playing their part in your journey too.

Weight loss in itself isn’t bad… BUT it’s been proven time and time again to be a really crappy motivator.  If you want long term success.. keep reading


This is what I want you to do:  Only choose an exercise/workout/sport that is FUN.

That’s right… something really cool that you look forward to each day/week.


  • If you enjoy it you are more likely to do it more often
  • It won’t be hard to convince yourself to get to your workout
  • You will want to do it over and over again for a long time
  • It makes it easy


It seriously doesn’t matter if its power lifting or lawn bowls (how good are the commonwealth games!)… what do YOU love to do?

If you hate running… don’t run! If you weights.. don’t do weights… even if all the guru’s are telling you that you MUST do them.  There are always so many great choices

When you make this mental switch… all those welcome side affect such as improved fitness, increased energy, new friends, weight loss, balancing hormones, stress management, will all start to follow more easily.


This is the BEST thing I like about Kangatraining.  Women just LOVE it.  They keep coming back term after term, and returning with their new babies because it is fun and a true highlight of their week.  We have great music, fun routines, quirky instructors & loads of laughs at every single class.  You’ll never leave a class thinking ‘damn, I wish I didn’t do that’ LOL


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(Other Australian Mums can find a class near you HERE)

Have a fun, happy & exciting week doing your favourite movments!

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