Super Core Seminar

Super Core Seminar Replay

If you are determined to heal your body safely & strong after pregnancy, then this Core Podcast is the foundation to start with.    If you have missed one of our recent seminars, the click on through to get all the info to kick start your postnatal fitness journey.

Step 1: CLICK HERE to listen to the audio recording

Step 2: CLICK HERE to download the Seminar Notes from the event

Alrightly… are you ready for the videos & core workouts I promised?

Step 3: Watch this video for testing for Abdominal Separation


Step 4: Check out this great workout to do at home now


And one more core conditioning workout for you…


If you are pumped to start or continue your fitness journey but don’t know how to exactly get the ball rolling from here, feel like you have lost your spark, lacking energy then I have the perfect challenge for you.

I know you are motivated to improve your health (because you are reading this now), but it is challenge to gain momentum as motherhood is so unpredictable.

I have created a 6 week online challenge which is focused around implementing small new habits each week to snowball your results.  I have a huge focus on mindset, fitness, nutrition & accountability.  And of course… massive focus on your CORE!  I only take on a very small group of Women any one time for a personalised experience.

The program includes email support, workout videos, podcasts, worksheets and live weekly Q&A calls in in bite sized chunks to implement straight way.

This program has been a great success for busy mums, working mums and women who struggle to get to gyms/classes.  It doesn’t shake up your whole life.  It works in with your precious family helps you find that sweet spot and balance.

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