Before becoming a mother I used to train or exercise however or whenever i liked.  Life was easy because all i really needed to focus on was me.  I assumed that exercising after having kids would just be as straight forward.  Sometimes it can be but most of the time it is just really different from what I was doing for the past 30 years.

So it took a while to get my head around what exercise looked like now.  I had some moments of total frustration because I wasn’t doing what I use to be able to do.  Yet I was feeling those intense moments over overwhelm because I needed to make sure this tiny human was happy while i got in some ‘Me Time.’ This routine was all foreign to me, let alone having an unpredictable baby.

These are my 4 aha moments that will help you get your head un the game, embrace your new normal and enjoy exercising in all circumstances

1 Forget about exercise having to be a specific set 1hour block of movement for your day

Chances are you might not make it out of the house on time to get to that class you wanted, baby fell back to sleep, more mean teeth are coming through and now your baby just threw up on your clean outfit. You can still achieve a great workout being spreading out a workout across your whole day.  This might be 2 x 20min bouts or even 5 x 5min bouts of exercise.  Trust me, it all adds ups and counts towards your goals.


2 Forget about relying on others

Weather its a friend or grandparent offering to help mind the baby while you exercise, they are probably going to cancel on you from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you cant workout that day.  Or maybe you or baby don’t like  gym crèche.   You can still keep moving at home in a baby carrier, pram workout or an interactive play based workout with your child.  Make sure you download a copy of my New Guide for things you can do at home


3 Forget about looking the part. 

Crazy hair, spew on your shoulder or even still in your  pyjamas are all still Appropriate workout attire.  Sure, gets some Cadenshae nursing active wear if you can, but don’t let it stop you moving



4 Any circumstance is an opportunity to move

Baby is crying – brilliant get the baby carrier and dance her to sleep

Baby is happy – awesomeness, lets do some interactive play movements

No baby sitter – Sweet, i can do a home workout

Turn each situation around into a positive opportunity


5 Put in on the list … Right at the top

Being a Mum is a job right! So i create lists of things I need to do each day, because my Mummy brain sucks and gives me a bit of direction. Most Mums would like to exercise but somehow it gers bumped lower and lower in the list. By the time the kids are down at night you might have some time but you are exhausted so you sit and do a well deserved nothing. So pop it high on the list, make it a priority to get done and do it before attempting those easier not important jobs that can be easily done at a later time.


This is what works for me and its a constantly evolving process. It’s all about taking action.. imprefect action that keeps you moving forward and it doesn’t have to look pretty (a bit like my spelling right!). I would love to hear what works for you, so give me a shout out on Facebook to tell me your secrets.


Keep movin’ Mamas & contact me any time if you would love to Work With ME









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