How to fit your Manduca

There are so many wonderful baby carriers available on the market right now, that sometimes the choices are overwhelming. My very first carrier was a gift before my first child was born and was a lovely ‘stretchy’ style wrap. I really loved using it, but as time passed by our sweet little baby soon turned into a heffalump! So we looked for something more supportive. We chose a sand colour Manduca. I do have a couple of terrible photos on our computer of us wearing the Manduca in not so ‘optimal’ positions and really wish someone had fitted it to me properly. Neither my son nor I were ever in any danger wearing it the way I did, but once I knew how to adjust it properly it was a thousand times more comfortable. The Manduca is always my husbands first choice for wearing our children because of its ease & comfort. The method in my video tutorial should be suitable for most standard Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) that has a similar back panel & adjustable straps.

Manduca carriers are ideal for Kangatraining classes as they are extremely supportive for both baby & wearers, comfortable, provide support through babies hips by keeping baby in the ‘M’ position, keep your baby snug so you move as one & adjustable as your baby grows. Your kanga instructor will be able to check your carrier and ensure it is correctly fitted prior to each Kanga class.

Here are my top tips for a Standard Front Carry:

  • Loosen off all the straps when getting your carrier brand new out of the box
  • Go to the buckle on the arm strap. Keep the top strap tight and loosen off the bottom strap a lot
  • Put the waistband around your waist – the label against your body. Nice & high so your baby is ‘close enough to kiss’. I have my hip bones under the waist band for young babies. Be sure to use the safety elastic & the band should be flat against your body
  • Gently place baby on your chest and separate their legs.
  • Pull the back panel up over their back smoothly
  • Place one arm through at a time while always having at least one hand on babies back
  • Lift your elbows above your head and do up the back strap. Tighten if necessary
  • Pull baby into your body snuggly and reach under your arm. Tighten the bottom strap by pulling towards you. Repeat on both sides.
  • Lastly tighten the straps next to babies head – only if necessary for small babies or petite frames.
  • Do the reverse actions to take your baby out & remember the 3 point safety clip to undo your waist buckle last.

Please refer to your product manual for further instructions & remember that any locals (Cairns) who purchase their Manduca carrier from Nurtured Fitness receive a FREE fitting & demonstration on how to use their carrier. However if you purchased your Manduca elsewhere and are still struggling to get it comfortable you can contact me for quick consultation & personal fitting for only $20 by appointment.

Enjoy wearing your babies with your favourite carrier


Philippa Bowman, August 2015
Nurtured Fitness Owner
Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert & Trained Babywearing Consultant