Do you ever start the week off with a hiss and a bang.  Moving & exercising a lot, making great nutritious food choices… then either a mid week hump hits or a big weekend of social events is on the calendar?

We can fall into a trap of, well I have ‘earned’ it and undo everything you worked so hard for.  Or you treat yourself on Friday…and Saturday… and Sunday for almost every meal and move very little?  Somehow you just ended up binge eating for 3 days straight!?


How exactly do you stay on track at the end of the week?

I chat to my private clients all the time about ‘resetting’ on a Sunday (or whenever their end of week happens to be).  Before the week starts just taking 10mins to plan your week.  This includes what you have on, all your normal activities plus any out of the ordinary appointments, any of your planned exercise and a bit of menu planning.

This is so important because it mentally prepares you for the week ahead, gives you a chance to plan ahead for any ‘big days’ and keeps all your momentum moving forward.


But what we might actually need to do is have a ‘Mini Rest’ on a Thursday or Friday.  The steps and strategies are EXACTLY the same, but we just need the mental reminder.  Just taking a moment moments to reset & motivate for those final days of the week.


So start with writing down what you have planned for the weekend. We know social events can pop up at any time.

What social events do you have on? How can you create more movement across your weekend? What kind of food can you expect or do you need to take a plate?


Focus on movement with your family

Weekend is family time for us and doesn’t mean you still have to do ‘big workout sessions’ but doing something fun as a family.  Get outside and enjoy your natural surroundings or typical tourist attractions.  All that movement & exploring does wonders for your body.

An early morning walk is a beautiful way to start your weekend!


How can you create more movement to any of the social events you are attending?

Well dancing pops straight to mind.  But it can even be as simple as mingling more and avoiding sitting down.  Perhaps you can suggest to the group we go for a walk to the park before dinner.  Take a cricket set or sporting equipment with you to get more people moving together.

And don’t forget to be a big kid and play with the kids! Use your entire body and be involved.


How do you avoid all the ‘naughty food’?

You can still enjoy party food without restriction or food obsession by still using Mindful Eating Strategies.  Ask yourself ‘I can have it if I want it, but do I really feel like it?’, ‘Am I hungry’, ‘What do I feel like? (sweet, savoury, thirsty?)’.

If you know there are going to be lost of less nourishing foods, you can start by eating before you hit the party, so you aren’t starving when you get there & inhale all the chippies as soon as you arrive.   Don’t hang around the food table where the food is sitting right under your nose.  Take the conversation outside or to a different spot.  When it comes to the main meal, browse all your choices first before grabbing a bit of everything… what do you feel like? Have I had enough?

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Generally speaking, my social life isn’t that crazy, but I do have a similar challenge this weekend ahead.  We will be travelling (plane & long car drives), eating on the road, attending a big 40th and away from our normal routine.  Sure I could have a total blow out & feel lethargic afterwards, but I could also just have a great time and still be mindful with a bit of forward thought!


We are going to pack as many homemade snack options as possible for the plane & car ride sections.  Hit grocery stores as soon as possible to minimise ‘fast foods’ (I have already scoped out some stores to hit and taking a few extra storage containers with us… and green bags too!), do lots of exploring (we are lucky to get both a big beach & farm adventure in one) and making mindful eating choices for the big party.  I can’t wait!


You can avoid the guilt by making the best decisions on what you have available at the time.


Philippa Bowman
Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert & Founder of Nurtured Fitness