The silly season is fast approaching and you may have some thoughts running through your mind on how you are going to survive the madness & stay healthy

The good thing is, you have everything you need already! Phew… but I have a quick exercise for you to do to help unlock this.

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The key to our Christmas Survival is mind set and what you actually keep telling yourself.  The more you say something, the more you believe it.

If you are already telling yourself …

I don’t have time, Im so busy

I over indulge

I drink too much

It’s too hard to eat well on holidays

I know what I’m like, I have no will power

I’m so broke

.. this is exactly what is going to happen.


Don’t get me wrong, as we ALL have these thoughts in some form or another. I understand how overwhelming it can all be.  I catch myself out often saying things that aren’t actually true.

BUT if you are able to notice these crappy thought patterns and turn them around into something awesome, you will start to live that awesomeness.

Sometimes you gotta lie to yourself & say it until you believe it.  Bring back your Year 10 drama lessons and act out this person you want to be.  But it is quite simple to turn these thoughts around

Try these instead…

I have enough time, I love this time of year

I enjoy the festive season and still listen to my body

I know when I have had enough

I love finding food to nourish my body

I am strong & wealthy

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Here is what you should do.  Get out a piece of paper (or scribe some notes on your phone) and write down all your fears or negative thoughts that you have been saying lately on the left hand side.  Can be anything – health, family, money

Then on the other side of the paper write down how you can transform these thoughts.

This will do 2 things.

  1. Writing down your fears or thoughts is a really interesting process. Sometimes you quickly see how silly/petty some of your thoughts are and it also just takes away the overwhelm
  2. Next time these crappy thoughts pop into your head you know you can always come back to

Your thoughts don’t exactly have to be just negative or crappy… but they could just be limiting thoughts or mediocre beliefs.   Think abudance in all areas of your life.
You CAN get through the party season!

You WILL listen to your body

You DESERVE to be happy & healthy



Philippa Bowman
Pre/Postnatal Expert
Founder of Nurtured Fitness