Evidence shows that working out, first thing in the morning, before you have had breakfast can actually increase your metabolism across the day.  So does this mean it is the best time to workout?  Short answer is – well if that works for you, do it! But if you are not a morning person, still breastfeeding a very hungry baby or your morning drill is already crazy enough, then this will cause you more stress.  So simply, just do it when it actually works best for you. We are all about taking action! Imperfect Action (become motherhood is imperfect) & keeping our house hold happy.


BUT there is a trick to it, when you become a Mum!


Many of my clients say they try to workout in the morning, or even mid morning.  But then something comes up, so it gets ‘bumped’ until a little later.  Then baby is down for a sleep and the temptation to ‘do those chores’ eg I’ll just quickly wash the dish/do the laundry/clean the floors etc takes over.  Next thing bub is awake and it gets bumped further still.  Before you know it, its 9pm, kids are finally asleep, you are completely exhausted and the last thing you feel like doing is ‘working out’… so you don’t!



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Consider the short amount of time you dedicate to moving your body, be it 5 min or an hour, your ‘Health appointment for the day’.  You would never miss a doctors or nutritionist appointment, so don’t miss your own appointment.  Schedule it earlier within your day (not necessarily first thing in the morning), so you can get it done.  You can always fold the washing at 9pm at night while watching TV, but you don’t always feel like working out at 9pm.


Even if this means you will be 10min late for catching up for Mother Group coffee etc.  Your friends will understand, in fact they may even be a bit jealous with your fitness regime and want to join in! Have you considered making your play dates, a ‘movement’ date? Do a workout, walk etc with Mums before hitting the coffee!


So do what works, but make sure your health is a priority.  I guarantee you will feel better for it.  And if Mum is happy and healthy, the rest of the house hold is happy!


Philippa Bowman
Founder of Nurtured Fitness
Pre/Post Natal Fitness Expert