Isn’t it interesting how our lives and cultures have changed to want everything to happen quickly?  We have such busy lives, bounding form one commitment to the next that we don’t seem to have time to do anything.  It doesn’t quite seem right…

I saw a cooking show the other week and a Chef was also saying that she gets asked all the time ‘how do I make an amazing meal quickly?’ Her answer was, well you can make any meal quickly, but to make a truly delicious masterpiece, it needs time for preparation and depth of flavour.

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Here is my problem with the ‘quick & easy’ fix to your health

Quick and easy food

You can buy these awesome pre-made or pre-packed food that you can grab on the run.  Unless it is natures perfectly packaged banana, the problem with these types of convenience foods is that they have a HEAP of other additives, sweeteners, numbers or preservatives added to it that your body isn’t really designed to cope with.

Now lets not forget the excess amount of rubbish with are creating… you ate in 5mins and now that rubbish hangs around for the next 200 years

Quick & easy workouts/exercise

There was a study recently that suggested you could get a full effective workout in 5 mins a day.  Sounds amazing right! But my question is what are you doing the other 23 hours & 55mins of the day (hopefully not just sitting down!).

Our bodies were designed to move.  Long extended periods of inactivity (working at a computer, driving, sitting, watching TV) are not good for you.

Oh!.. and have I mentioned before that I actually like moving/exercise? o I would happily do more than 5min a day


So what can we do?

  • Prepare your own food

Find one day in the week where you can put together some great snacks that will last you over the whole week.  Nice bite size goodies that you can pop in a lunch box.  Bliss balls, pre-cut fruit/veg or a nutritious slice.

Do a double batch so you either have left overs the next day or can pop some in the freezer for dinner next week.

For me, I normally get busy in on a Sunday afternoon so I am usually sorted from Monday-Wednesday.  By Wednesday afternoon, the kids and I get busy in the kitchen preparing more choices.

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  • Find opportunities to move more

Can you walk to the shops (pop the kids in the pram or carrier), spend more times in the park and playing on the playground with your kids, meet your mothers group for a walk (not just a coffee) or go without TV for a day (week or month)

Find something you love (like a team sport, Kangatraining or fitness group).  You will want to spend more time doing it!


  • Get rid of the crazy

If life is seriously that crazy that you don’t have time to look after yourself, then step back and take a look at what priorities you can change, shift or get help with.  By having less crazy in your life, you will also find you quickly become more connected with your children.  EVERYONE says babies grow up too quickly, so don’t feel guilty about slowing down just a little right now.  I know some people love to be ‘busy’, but you know ‘busy’ has turned to ‘crazy’ when you aren’t looking after yourself.

Help may come in the form of asking your partner, family or friends (honestly, most of these people are busting to help if you just ask them) OR hiring some extra help (babysitters/daycare/cleaner)


Keep your children involved in all your health & fitness choices.  They will love making a mess in the kitchen and have the wind blowing through their hair on the way to get bread.


Keep movin’
Founder of Nurtured Fitness