People are so worried about trying to get more exercise into their life but have you ever thought of just moving more?

What is the difference?

We were born to move.  Moving more is based around your lifestyle.  How can you use your body in more everyday activities? Yes, this will help will all the health benefits of exercise but you will also notice an improvement in your health & body mobility.

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This week I challenge you 7 small challenges in 5 days.  Just try one at a time and see how they go.  You may love some, hate some or some might be completely impractical for your situation.  But I guarantee you can incorporate something or use your own discretion on how you can alter these slightly to suit your family situation.

  1. TV free day. Sorry kids the TV/ipad is broken today, so lets head outside and ….. ? You wont miss it as much as you think.
  2. Car free day. My 3 year old LOVES when we catch the bus to the library.  Perhaps something is actually within walking distance, so get out the baby carrier or pram.  How long since you dusted off the bike? My kids love the bike seat and the wind in their hair.
  3. Chair free day. Chairs are for tunnels and obstacle courses today.  Why not have a picnic dinner in the back yard or park? Getting all the way down to the ground and back up again is a full body squat which your body loves and needs. Get some cushions for your knees if you need.
  4. Change a ‘work station’ in your house – maybe your desk or kitchen layout.  My husband recently made me a stand up desk, it automatically makes me fidget a bit more (yip using up all my energy) and actually stops me getting stuck there for stupid amounts of time.  Don’t make everything too easy for yourself.  Yes, bending all the way to the bottom cupboard to find those Tupperware pieces will help keep you limber.
  5. More Music. Pump up the radio or your favourite playlist during the day.  This always makes me want to dance as I go about my daily tasks.
  6. Have a walking/moving playdate/meeting. Instead of just meeting up for coffee, plan a walk.  You can meet at the playground but try to avoid standing or sitting in one spot and simply watching your kids.  If you are back at work, do something active on your lunch break, plan walking meeting or go to the photocopier a million times to get you out of the chair.

And the best till last….

  1. Get down and play with your kids more. Don’t just watch them play, BE the play! Lay on the floor, crawl under that chair, get up and down a thousand times.  You may make ‘old lady noises’ as you go, but your body is just getting use to it again


I would love to know how you go and what actually works for your family.  Let me know on Facebook or Instagram.  Do you have one I haven’t added?

Move with me!

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Philippa Bowman
Founder of Nurtured Fitness & Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert