Why are you running at 3 weeks Post Birth?


I meet Mums all the time who are chomping at the bit to get back into exercise weeks or even days after giving birth.  Some are already running, lifting weights or pumping their bodies. Some do it because they hate the way the look, perceived pressure and others are use to being really fit which changed during pregnancy.


I just want to scream (and I often do) ‘WOAH MAMA… Ease up tiger’.  Yes you can move your body, but lets not destroy your pelvic floor, risk injuring your joints, tear apart your abdominal muscles or split open the c-section wound!


I get it! I honestly do! I am a fidgeting on the move human, who genuinely loves everything about exercise.  We were born to move, Right!


BUT pregnancy & birth is massive.  Let’s plan this carefully to not  risk doing any permanent damage to your body.

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  1. Ummm you just made a human

I found it really fascinating what my tummy looked and felt like after birth.  It really makes me sad that Mums HATE their tummies or the way their bodies look after birth.  These initial 6 weeks following birth are really precious and your body is very sensitive to all that is going on.  Your body will literally be changing everyday and at it’s own determined rate.  A lot of that extra fluid & weight will naturally leave your body, but some will hang around too.  Let’s acknowledge & honour your body for housing and growing your baby.  Don’t stress about ‘bouncing back’.  Spend your energy getting to know your baby.


  1. Don’t run just yet!

Why not? High impact exercise will be so stressful on your postnatal body.  You still have a lot of relaxing in your body.  This is the hormone that makes your joints all nice and limber so you can squeeze out that baby.  But all that loosey juicy stuff means that your knees, hips & ankles will also be very susceptible to injury doing such a high impact exercise.

Regardless if you had a vaginal or c-section birth, your pelvic floor will be weakened to some degree.  Running will place even more pressure through your pelvic floor, and there is even the risk of prolapse! This is when those muscles on the inside start to come outside! Eekkk – No thanks!


  1. All clear

When you have got the ‘All Clear’ from your GP/OB/MW to get back into exercise (normally around the 6-12 week mark). This is NOT the green light to return to everything you did pre-pregnancy.  So let’s hold off boot camp, high intensity interval training or heavy lifting.  This is where the ‘rehab’ begins to condition and restore your body.


  1. Rehab sounds so boring (whingey voice like my 3 year old)

Let me tell you, there are many other ways to get a challenging and safe workout without running.  Mum’s tell me all the time how they didn’t expect Kangatraining to be such a ‘workout’.  Keeping your exercises low impact still means you can vary the intensity to suit your fitness level.


Soooo… Just chill for a few more weeks, work on that pelvic floor, keep walking, starting abdominal bracing (don’t even get me started on Sit ups & crunches after birth – Ok do get me started, but I will save that for another blog!) and let’s protect our bodies so our knees don’t snap and vaginas don’t fall out!  Or better still – Join us for Kangatraining Cairns!  But if don’t have any local classes near you, you can still work with me 1-1 online.  Apply here to learn more

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Philippa Bowman

Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert & Founder of Nurtured Fitness